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While every effort has been made to verify these info sheets to provide reliable information for parents we cannot be held liable for the advice these sheets contain. If you are in doubt please consult your doctor. Web information is no substitute for personal medical care and based on each patient’s situation, it may be required that the patient be seen for a consultation before personalized advice can be given. In the event of an emergency, please contact your paediatrician, GP or the casualty unit.

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Copperfield Child Care’s forms and documents are listed below and can be viewed or download for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you situated?

We have two sets of rooms. Drs Wewege & Buckley are based at Constantiaberg Mediclinc and Drs van der Watt & Smith are based in Claremont.

What is your appointment and scheduling policy?

Patient visits are by appointment only. We try to stay as close to our schedules as possible, though unforeseen problems and emergencies can occur.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you must cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by calling the rooms.

Can I reach my paediatrician after hours, during evenings, weekends and holidays?

If you are experiencing any type of life-threatening emergency, please call for an ambulance eg 082911 immediately. When the office is closed, there is always one of us available for urgent referral via your GP or the emergency unit who will contact the on-call paediatrician from our practise.

How do I get a referral to a specialist or for a medical service?

We are available for any patients with or without medical aids. Some medical aids require that your primary general practitioner co-ordinate all referrals to specialists. If this is required by your medical aid please have your valid authorization number available by the time you arrive for your appointment.

How do I get a prescription repeated?

If you need a prescription repeated please call the office several days before your prescription runs out, to allow adequate time to process the script. Schedule 7 prescriptions must be picked up in person. In addition, scripts are not repeated at night or on weekends when there is no access to your medical records. We will not write repeat prescriptions for longer than 6 months, at which point your child needs to be seen and re-assed again.

What fees do you charge patients?

Private (no medical aid) and Medical Aid patients are both welcome. This practice charges Professional fees that differ from the benefits payable by Medical schemes. Payment of accounts is expected at the time of service, and thereafter you may claim directly from your medical aid for the portion that they will cover. Rates may vary depending on the length and/or complexity of the consultation (Codes 0190-0192). Please feel free to discuss any questions regarding fees with our office for an appointment.

Fees for 2023
0190               Follow-up/Review fee (15mins) R 845
0191/0192       Detailed and Complex consultation R 1325
0193               Extended/ One hour/ADHD consultation R 2025

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