At the recent World Economic Forum in February 2020, the WHO highlighted the top 10 Global Healthcare Challenges in the coming decade – stopping Infectious Disease was one of them.

As a Paediatric Practice, we all  strongly support Immunisation, as with constant developments in vaccines, preventable illnesses such as rotavirus, pneumococcal and haemophilus infection rates and even chicken pox have decreased drastically.

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. Failure to vaccinate – particularly against vaccine-preventable diseases – can have a huge impact on your child’s life – ranging from high medical costs, parents losing time from work, numerous doctor visits, hospital visits and even possible premature deaths.

It is vital that you adhere to the recommended vaccination schedule set out below : if there are any concerns surrounding this topic, please bring it to our attention – we would rather have the discussion and clarify your concerns than lose out on your child getting vaccinated.

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