Welcoming a baby into your family remains one of the most magical experiences in life.

Most of the time things go according to plan, but unfortunately sometimes your baby needs help in the neonatal high care or intensive care unit, being either an ill term or untimely premature infant.

Congenital abnormalities 

Both Kingsbury Life Hospital and Constantiaberg Mediclinic offer excellent facilities to accommodate your baby.

Our practice will aim to deliver the best possible care and help you walk this journey. With this in mind, we work closely with Dr Ricky Dippenaar, a Specialist Neonatologist, as we feel it best to partner, providing the higher risk / complicated neonates with the very best care.

If you know that you are expecting a baby with possible complications (e.g. cleft lip, cleft palate, renal abnormalities, a heart condition, twin pregnancy, immunodeficiency) please feel free to contact our rooms and discuss your delivery prior to the date.

Your obstetrician will also be able to advise you.

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